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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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we'll have a live report frm the scene. in pursuit of his cat, a man falls into the old quarry. we will have a live report from the scene. >> just about that magical time of year when packages disappear from your front steps. only this time the stolage package wasn't a gift. >> and faced with a crackdown on public nudity, they turned the other cheek, sort of. good evening. oakland fire crews are looking for a man who may have fallen who a quarry off of montgomery street. elizabeth cook is there with who's missing and where
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searchers are looking tonight. >> well, ken crews areculing this a recovery effort. they had crews in the water, but now they are bringing in the deep water rescue team to try to cover the man. this is the scene from about an hour ago as a helicopter flew in low so they could shine their spotlight on the steep hillside and the water in the quarry below. other crews have been searching the terrain and a couple even propelled down the hillside when they thought they found something. they say the man was outlooking for his cat behind these homes and never came back. and the roommate says he called 911 and they said the crews eventually did find the cat, but not the man. thou right now they are
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currently dealing with some treacherous terrain. they had to look through the rugged terrain and the rescue team is going to come and look in the water to tie to recover the man and -- to try to recover the man and see what they can find. the water is 40 feet deep. >> you can see there it is still raining and we have the promise of some sun coming, i understand. >> we're going to have that sun. we have a cold front that's basically splitting the bay area in half and we have that front. there's the radar. note the front is not -- notice the front is taking its time getting to the south. so we have rain parallelling interstate 80. out to fairfield and all the way back to san francisco. to the north we had heavy rain earlier and that's dying out.
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clear lake, south of clover dale. and yet to receive any rainfall would be to the south which includes an jose, saratoga. you will get your rain after midnight. the most rain will fall north of the golden gate. santa rosa already receiving a decent dose of rain as is napa. it's newt even thanksgiving -- not even thanksgiving yet but the grinch showed up on a bay area front porch. the thief who swiped a bag of items meant for charity likely won't get far. while she was casing the house, the house was casing her. >> reporter: the thief stole the items in just six seconds. but it just wasn't anyone's porch. >> i'm going to see this person
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messed with the rock techy. >> reporter: travis recently installed smart high definition camraws at -- cameras at his home. he said a woman had been shadowing the ups truck and she also took a bag of food for the needy. >> it's entirely possible. you don't go stealing random stuff if you're life is going well. >> reporter: fremont police this is the time of year for this type of crime. thiazols say this theft could be -- they also say this theft could have been prevented. the man dropped off the package but did not knock on the door even though someone was home. ups has hired several seasonal workers and they are trained to knock first and place the package out of view from the street. they say they are disappointed
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company policy was investigated and they will investigate. keep your clothes on. that was the message from the san francisco board of supervisors today as they voted 6-5 to vote on a ban for public unity. some say that supervisor scott wiener was not about to turn the other cheek. >> they will face a $100 fine and a third offense could cost $500 and a year in jail. the law goes into effect on february 1st. we're still waiting to hear in the supervisors will approve the terms of the warrior's home. the new facility will cost about $1 billion. the complex is scheduled to be built in time for the 2017 season. and the board also approved a
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reduction in the size of microhomes. the supervisors okaying apartments measuring no more than 220 square feet down from the previous minimum of 290. the apartments would go for $1,200 to $1,700 a month. the man who killed two people richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza laughed before going to death row. he admitted to murdering his ex- girlfriend and her friend at the toll plaza three years ago. he frequenly mocked the victim's families during the trial. >> i can't forgive him. i hate him and i'm glad they gave him the death penalty. a newly released chp video is firing up an old debate on
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whether tazers really are as nonlethal as advertised. >> this shows a los angeles driver going into cardiaca rest after being jolted three times in the chest. they had to do cpr to revive her. they cause muscle spasms to the targeted area. still it company insists there's no proof its products harm the heart. >> it's hard to exonerate the tazer when you see a woman who was fine up to the point she was tazered and then will have a sudden is in -- all of a sudden is in cardiac death. how can you tell me it's benign especially when we have it on video tape. >> the use of the east coast
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appeared to be -- tazer to be win regulation. it's dangerous for reporters even in gaza. >> that explosion early this morning was felt at a near by hotel where journalists were staying. -- air strikes in gaza rockts raining on israel all while hillary clinton is in the middle east working towards a more elusive truth as the violence escalates. >> reporter: explosions rocked the streets of gaza for the 7th day in a row. met by the blast of missiles launched. death is in the streets here. hamas dragged the body of a
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suspected traitor. they are getting out in droves. images of fear that belie any talk of a cease fire. open to dipplomacy, they met, but prepared for war. >> they will have to take whatever action necessary to -- action is necessary to defend its people. >> hillary said there can only be one goal. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that advances the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and pal tinnians alike. -- palestinians alike. >> reporter: an uncertain path to peace and with mounting casualties on both sides, a far cry from the grim reality on the ground. >> secretary clinton is expected to speak with the palestinian leaders on the west
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bank and with egyptian leaders in cairo. five-star meals, top shelf liquor and first class flying. how does a law maker respond to allegations he misused public money. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political living you continue to read about in the -- living you continue to -- lynching you continue to read about in the media. >> what happens now that one party has complete control of the state budget. >> and a land mark day for the most expensive project in california history. the new bay bridge now hanging out all on its own.
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just a bad employee... but'e talking about a bay area lawmaker - spending your mo. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez n the bills, the investigation lavish meals and luxury travel and a lot of lost receipts. we're talking about a law maker spending your money. on the bills, the investigation and the man who doesn't really feel like talking about it. >> first of all, much has been written about in the past about my personal office's usage,. >> reporter: he spoke for the first time about wasting tax dollars on booze and upgrades for himself and his staff. he didn't deny it and wasn't
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apologetic. instead he went after the news media. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching that you read today and continue to read about in the print media. i want you to understand that for 50 years i've been nurtured and raised and lived in peace in this community. >> reporter: haze callings on the -- his callings on the board that are now being more scrutinized and tightly controlled called on him to do more accounting and change his attitude. >> there are some things that he's going to need to be contrite about. today wasn't that day for him. >> reporter: he used a countyish sued credit card -- county issued credit card called a p card. since 2009 he's racked up golf resorts, first class air travel and even political contributions. although he's paid back over
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$5,000 in expenses how much taxpayers were billed is unclear because he lost many of the receipts in question. >> i look forward to an explanation of why some of these expenditures occurred. >> reporter: those answers didn't come today. he left the meeting and refused to talk to the media. >> you'll hear more from me in the future. >> reporter: the supervisor may soon also be talking to a judge. we have confirmed that the district attorney is investigating him for allegedly violating state campaign ethics laws as well as misuse of public funds. california quite possibly bluer than ever for the first time since the second world war. democrats have complete control of the letch shaffer, so what happened -- legislature, so
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what happens now? >> power remains when it's used wisely, and we don't want to overplay our hand, but on the other hand we don't want to miss it opportunity. >> reporter: heed a -- eethen tech any the supermajority gives them plenty opolitical clout. >> -- of political clout. >> you need a two thirds majority to raise taxes, to refer things to the ballot, to overide a governor's veto. >> reporter: gay marriage is one issue that could benefit. if the supreme court does not take up the case, the leverage shaffer could use its -- the legislature could use it's two thirds to put it on the ballot. >> on shat issue i think
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democrats think -- on that issue, i think that democrats thing they are riding a wave there. >> reporter: the senate president believes it needs to be reformed. >> i think for example there's nothing wrong with people with wealth getting involved, but before you qualify an initiative you ought to have a responsibility to get say, 1,000 contributions of $100 or more in order to even qualify in the first place. >> reporter: the question now, will the california democrats go too far to the political left, or spend with a bandon. with a governor like jerry brown who is a spendthrift, over spending is not likely. >> the governor is not a taxable spender.
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so i think heel hold that in check too. >> it's not just for special circumstances. this should help democrats overall because their numbers are so strong they should be able to get the majority to get regular bills past. and this left for the next two years. like a growing child that can finally stand on its own $6.3 billion legs, the bay bridge is now just hanging. and by that we mean it's actually suspended and no longer sitting on the support towers you see below. the process took three months and now the weight of the bridge is supported by a single one-mile long cable. >> this is the main cable doing all the heavy lifting. it's made up of 17,399 five- millimeter diameter wires that run all the way around the back and connect back on the other
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side. what that means is the bridge holds itself up. the cable actually connects into the deck. >> the cables are all draped from that one single tower. as we head to thanksgiving 2012 the bay bridge and just about everyone in the bay area will see a decent dose of rainfall. will it be wet on thanksgiving? that and your shopping forecast coming up.
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environment. but one big er says it's ac well you'd think doing your black friday shopping from your computer would be good for the environment, right? but one retailer says its actually just the -- it's just the opposite. we talk to one environmentalist who explains the best way to keep this holiday season green. >> reporter: the soph family did some shopping but share usually shops from home. >> i'm usually 90% online.
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but the toys r us ceo is calling it green. they aren't thinking about the carbon footprint. >> cheryl disadegrees. >> i'm saving on gas and emissions in the air. >> while some say shopping online is very ungreen, we talk to one environmentalist who has a whole different take on shopping this holiday season. >> the best thing you can do is reuse something or borrow something from a friend. >> reporter: adam warbalk is launching a recycle website on black friday. what's better? online or retail? >> the studies have been mixed. for small items in urban areas it can frequently be better to buy it online. in larger areas, it can be better to buy in the store
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because its that last area of delivery that has the carbon footprint. >> reporter: they claim indoor door buster deals will be better than anything they offer online. >> i go on the non-polluting santa sleigh method myself. >> reindeer. >> it's the spirit that gets you in the mood and that's carbon free. >> i do know about the weather and i do know there is some rain out there and i am very confident that rain is done by lunchtime tomorrow so you can get to grandma's house safely. we have a front hugging i-80. we'll start in davis and work over to napa getting some rain. down to berkeley and oakland, almost out to pleasant hill and
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to the south the rain hasn't started yet and north of the golden gate the rain is letting up. so it's another around of heavy rainfall for the pacific northwest. we're on the southern fringe of this front, but it will take several hours to move through. we have a chance of rain until lunchtime tomorrow. it will be soggy tomorrow if you have to work or head to grandmas. then the front moves through and replacing it is nothing. just an area of high pressure. great weather for you to get outside and do that shopping out-doors over the weekend. the weather will be beautiful for five to seven straight days once we get finished with tomorrow morning. it will be a soggy commute tomorrow morning and then mild weather thursday all the way through sunday. the day before thanksgiving,
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tomorrow. mid 60s which is average. san jose your high is 65. redwood city is 64. presentwood, 65. -- brentwood 65. mill valley 63 san 63 san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow. thanksgiving thursday, shoppers on friday. lots of sunshine all the way into the middle of next week. the only rain is the rain we have outside now. >> the coach brought us aaron rogers and deshawn jackson is gone. we have reaction and the possible future coming up. that couldn't save jeff
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tedford's job... he helped build cal a new stadium. he's the winningnist coach, but that was not enough to save deadford's job. he went -- kedford. athletic director said recent struggles on the field and in the classroom contributed to the dismissal. >> it's a matter that i believe that we could turn around some of these with urisome -- worrisome trends. it wouldn't be deep enough to take us to where we need to be.
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>> an nfl source tells me that they are targeting former raiders head coach hww jackson. >> winning fixes a lot of things. >> we're always going to be talking about the classroom. see you at 11:00. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars
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